Two cities of Sport and Recreation

The inhabitants of Bad Nauheim and Friedberg are all sport fans. Many of almost 60 000 in the two neighboring cities maintain their passion in the approximately 100 associations of various orientations. The range of fields offered ranging from aerobics, Badminton, basketball, baseball, hockey, football, golf, rugby and martial arts, athletics, cycling, horse riding, shooting, skiing and swimming to tennis, gymnastics, dancing and volleyball.

Best options for this broad repertoire offer the facilities that are located throughout the area both cities. The Bad Nauheim Waldstadion with grass and artificial grass pitches, running tracks and athletic facilities as well as the castle Friedberger natural grass field with two seats, the artificial turf, running tracks and athletic facilities also offer the best conditions for sport at a high level. All seats are equipped with floodlights.


In addition several grass pitches are in the districts, small and large open spaces and warehouses for other sports, two golf courses and a miniature golf course. The Usa-wave pool with a wave pool, an outdoor pool with giant water slide, Olympic size and much more. Continue to be available are a neighborhood pool with spring water, a brine bath spa with two pools, tennis, squash and badminton courts and halls, horse riding and shooting classes. Planes can take off on the nearby airfield.


One of the top sporting venues of the two towns are next to the Waldstadion in Bad Nauheim and Friedberg Burgfeld the sports park at Usa-wave between the two cities with a wide range of sports and the traditional ice rink, the athletic home to the hockey professionals of the EC Bad Nauheim "Red Devils ".


For recreational invite the two golf courses, then a Bad Nauheim directly to the park, one in the district Ockstadt Friedberger. Extensive hiking trails, bicycle routes for various claims, Nordic-Walking trails. Exotic disciplines such as curling and disc (Frisbee) Golf are possible.


For relaxation to offer not only the vast areas of the spa park, the ski meadow in Bad Nauheim and Friedberg in Seewiese. The Gradierbau I provides an inhalation chamber for cleaning of the airways. Already has the entire city by the generous Gradierbauten distributed on an almost Mediterranean climate with mild and moist air is salty, this impression is reinforced through the inhalation chamber again. Airways are free, dissolved secretions. Also serves the rest of health garden with numerous stations of sensory perception and motor skills.


Fitness centers in both cities with a variety of exercise stations and a variety of courses and activities such as tai chi, water aerobics, yoga and relaxation techniques by clubs, clinics and private studios complement the wide range of health, relaxation and regeneration.


The international sport does not pass the two cities. For years, Bad Nauheim and Friedberg-way points in the European Iron Man Frankfurt, and National League teams have training camps and friendlies are here, held about in hockey and football.