Text in English: Team Work + Team Play = Winning Team

Welcome again in 2011



Ballack and his team didn’t make it, but the German football ladies will try to make the dream come true in 2011: to win the World Cup Championships in their home country. Four years after bringing the trophy home by scoring 2:0 against Brazil in the finals the German Women’s National Team is eager to defend their title at home in the 2011 World Championships. And the district of Bad Nauheim/Friedberg is also keen on renewing their success of 2006 when the spa town hosted the National Team of Saudi Arabia. In 2011 the local authorities will try again to allure a women’s team to choose the Wetterau district as their temporary residence.


What made the “Arabian Nights Summer Dream of Bad Nauheim” come true were not only the good contacts established with the Arabic region, but most of all the successful work of the “Initiative for the Football World Championship 2006”. This committee included representatives from the municipality, the development agency, the local newspaper “Wetterauer Zeitung”, proactive companies of the economic, tourist and trade sector, as well as bank institutes and savings banks. After several years of preparations, dedicated marketing activities and thanks to broad support from the local population the committee was able to convince the desert state players of the town’s assets. Founding members of the Initiative at that time were the former mayor Bernd Rohde, Dr. Johannes Peil, Chief Physician at the renowned Bad Nauheim Sports Injury Clinic and the hotel Dolce where the football players had been accommodated. Mr Günter Wagner of the Institute for Sports Nutrition became spokesman of the Initiative and will again take this responsibility within the new “Initiative for the Women’s World Cup Championships 2011 – Welcome to Bad Nauheim/Friedberg”.


With its successful 2006 application the spa town was able to gain worldwide attention. With 2011 in mind even more partners have joined the Initiative, among them the municipality of Friedberg, the township of Ober-Mörlen, and the Economic Development Agency Wetterau GmbH, who are all going to stir up enthusiasm for women’s football and for the World Championship 2011 across the entire region. Actually there has been a considerable boost in interest for women’s football over the last few years. Girls’ football is the fastest growing sector within the German Football Association DFB. According to coach Hans-Jürgen Zeeb of the Bad Nauheim Football Team 2008 more and more young women in the Wetterau region are becoming attracted to this activity and to spike shoes. Mr Zeeb is one of many who believe that 2011 will see another big football party in Germany.


In terms of the necessary requirements the region has a lot to offer. Bad Nauheim and Friedberg not only have a variety of cultural, outdoor and leisure activities to offer, they also boast excellent training facilities at the stadium “Waldstadion” and at the sports center “Burgfeld”. The new Initiative has adapted the motto of 2006 “Welcome to Bad Nauheim” and added “Welcome to Bad Nauheim / Friedberg”. The newly designed logo which shows the outline of the “Adolfsturm” tower at Friedberg and of the Johannis hills at Bad Nauheim will, among other applications, adorn the shirts of the Bad Nauheim football team. Members of the Initiative will market their company and at the same time promote the application of Bad Nauheim and Friedberg to become host of a Women’s National Team during the Women’s World Championships in 2011. A dedicated website www.welcome2011.de has been created to support all marketing activities, providing important information in German and English on the application and the Initiative’s activities. The organizers will try to win German National Player Louise Hansen as well as local-born National Team player Sandra Minnert as World Championship Ambassadors for the district of Bad Nauheim/Friedberg. This cooperation is proof of the excellent and amicable relationship with the Football Club of Frankfurt, the city which will host the finals of the 2011 World Championships.



Any companies that would like to support and strengthen the initiative are most welcome. All activities related to becoming regional host of a National Team during the Women’s World Championships should be seen in the spirit of “the journey is the reward”, which is also faithful to the slogan of the local Chamber of Commerce:


“Team Work + Team Play = Winning Team”

For more information please contact Günter Wagner, Hochwaldstraße 54, D-61231 Bad Nauheim, Phone: +49 (0) 6032 73736, Fax +49 (0) 6032 71201. Email: info@welcome2011.de .


Members of the welcome2011 Initiative: 


Artist Photodesign

Bad Nauheimer Mineralquellen

Bad Nauheimer Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH

Dolce Bad Nauheim

Erlebnis Bad Nauheim


Gemeinde Ober-Mörlen

Institut für Sporternährung e.V.

Kerckhoff-Klinik GmbH

Know IT

Kurbetriebe Bad Nauheim

Licher Privatbrauerei

Liebig Apotheke

Sparkasse Oberhessen

Spielvereinigung 08 Bad Nauheim

Sportklinik Bad Nauheim

Stadt Bad Nauheim

Stadt Friedberg

Stadtwerke Bad Nauheim GmbH

Volksbank Mittelhessen

Wetterauer Zeitung


Wirtschaft für Bad Nauheim e.V.

Wirtschaftsförderung Wetterau GmbH